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Lotus 18Z Professional Camera Bag

Original price ₹ 562.00 - Original price ₹ 562.00
Original price
₹ 562.00
₹ 562.00 - ₹ 562.00
Current price ₹ 562.00
SKU : Lotus-18Z

The Lotus 18Z bag is made of a spill-resistant material. If water is spilled on this bag, the material will remove the water instead of soaking it. There is also a rain cover that slides over the top of this bag to protect the camera from rain.

- Reasonable price and Good quality
- Strong and waterproof materials
- Thick non-slip shoulder pad and comfortable harness
- YYK Buckle
- Easy to take on
- Inside dimensions: 170*170*290 mm
- T shape, leisure style with different colors
- Material of rain cover : Waterproof
- Exterior fabric : Polyester
- Interior fabric : Polyester + Velvet
- 18Z Lotus Professional camera bag
- Shoulder strap
- Rain cover
NOTE: The colour of the bag may vary according to availability.


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