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Camtree Hunt Evf Mount

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₹ 2,800.00
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Solid foundation, versatile & lightweight design, A+ build quality and incredible affordability make it “The perfect” camera EVF mounting system for your professional shooting needs. Camtree Hunt EVF mount provides secure & lightweight mounting options with multiple adjustments for personal eye line preference. This product easily attaches to your camera rail system either through the 15mm rail mounting adapter or directly to the camera handle bracket with standard 1/4’’-20 mounting threads.

EVF Mount

Camtree Hunt best EVF camera mount is designed to give you the fastest workflow possible. Versatile and affordable, it can be easily adjusted and has a wide range to go from a compact shoulder rig to a rear extended position for a comfortable tripod operating position.

EVF Leveling System


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- 360 degree tilting of mounting bracket.
- EVF mounting bracket with ¼" standard threads settings.
- 3 point multi adjustment capability for custom fit.
- Offset design affords easy camera access to all functions.
- Left or right side mounting options.
- For handheld, shoulder, or tripod setups.
- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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- Linear adjustment of bracket to the rod.
- Rod rotates inside the clamp.
- Rod adjusts horizontally along the adapter.

The height adjustment clamp secures the mounting bracket horizontally at one end and the rod from the other end, using strong metal knobs. The 15mm rail mounting adapter then connects onto to the rod. In addition to linear adjustment, our Camtree Hunt EVF mount allows the viewfinder to be tilted within a range of 360 degrees. The joints have a variable friction adjustment allowing the operator to move the EVF and the arm with one hand and there is no risk of the EVF falling. You just set it and forget it.
It’s very customizable so you basically can build the perfect system for your camera and needs. Just grab and move as Camtree Hunt EVF Mount gives you unlimited positioning options.


EVF Bracket

Ultimate EVF mount with great positioning options

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-  Crafted from solid materials and designed with light acceptances
-  CNC machined components
-  14cm long aluminum rod
-  15mm rod adapter
-  1/4" standard screw threads

  • 15mm rod adapter
  • EVF mounting bracket
  • 14cm long Aluminum Rod


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