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Camtree Hunt Quick Mount 15mm Rosette Handle Set

Original price ₹ 8,400.00 - Original price ₹ 8,400.00
Original price
₹ 8,400.00
₹ 8,400.00 - ₹ 8,400.00
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Elegantly designed CAMTREE HUNT Rosette Handle Set isfully adjustable, rubber skid proof, universal handle grip with dual lock that fits 15mm rail rod systems. You can adjust this dual joint handle to any angle with the provided rosette lock system. It fits on both DSLR Rig as well as shoulder mount video Rigs.

Handles for Shoulder Rig

The comfortable hand grips offer secure handling and stability for hand held shooting. It ensures the operator’s hands stay firmly planted when making rapid movements, therefore maintaining very smooth and stable footage.
Lightweight & sleek design provides a secure grip to better control your shot.

Handles for camera cage


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- Solid rig handles for perfect gripping.
- Universal adjustable easy operation.
- Fits all camera dv video rod rail system DV video film.
- Three joints design allows adjustments of all angles.
- Steel rosettes bring excellent stability to the handgrip.
- Snap-on rod bridge accommodates 15mm rod systems.
- Rosette lock system which always use to lock the heavy mold.
- Special lock design better than traditional rosette lock system.
- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

-  Hollow Out Design save 80% weight
-  CNC DSLR photographic rubber skid proof universal handle grip
-  Thrice Lock 15mm rail rod system
-  2 spindle allows you to adjust it to any angle you want

- 15mm Handle Set


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