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Camtree Power V2 Suction Mount Camera Gripper for Car/Vehicle Rigging

For DSLR Video Camera up to 20 kg / 44 lb

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The Camtree Suction Mount Camera Gripper is a highly adaptable car/vehicle rigging system that can be easily and quickly mounted onto any moving platform for a stable and secure base for your Camera Setups.

The Camtree Power Gripper comes equipped with 3 Industrial Grade Suction Cups that lends the entire system immense stability and sturdiness even when moving at high speeds.

We have worked effortlessly on ensuring that the whole system including the legs, the joints and the camera platform is made only of the highest quality material to make this equipment super secure for all setups up to 20 kg / 44 lb.

Camtree Power V2 Suction Mount Camera Gripper for Car/Vehicle Rigging
Camtree Power V2 Suction Mount Camera Gripper for Car/Vehicle Rigging


The Power Mount Gripper is designed to save time and still be sturdy making it extremely easy to setup.
The suction cups have a Quick-Lock Mechanism that helps in getting the suction cups hooked to the surface with the flick of a finger.
The rods included with the Gripper are extendable, which allow for multiple setup options and customization.
The Ball Joints lets you adjust the entire system according to the surface within seconds and all this without the use of any tools.


The camera mounting stage of the Power Mount Gripper has 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded mounting holes, allowing you to attach accessories such as articulating arms, lights, monitors and more.
New Improved Robust 100mm bowl head allows you to use a fluid head for more flexible and controlled camera movements.

Camtree Power V2 Suction Mount Camera Gripper for Car/Vehicle Rigging
Camtree Power V2 Suction Mount Camera Gripper for Car/Vehicle Rigging


The Power Mount Gripper comes complete with all kinds of safety and protection accessories you might need.
The Included Safety Ropes add another layer of protection for the precious camera setup mounted onto the Suction Mount.
The Gripper comes snugly packed in a Hard Case with custom foam insert so you can safely store it, or even travel with it.



  Camera Platform: High-grade CNC Aluminum
  Rods: Aluminum
  Suction Cups: Rubber

Payload Capacity

  Running Position: 20 kg/44 lb
  Still Position: 25 kg/ 55 lb

Camera Mounting

  1/4” & 3/8” Camera Mounting Bolt

Product Weight (without hard case)

  5.93 kg / 13.07 lb

Product Weight (with hard case)

  9.18 kg / 20.23 lb


  Camtree Power Suction Mount Camera Gripper
  Camera Mounting Platform
  100mm Bowl Head
  5 x Rubber Grippers
  9 x Aluminum Rods
  3 x Ball Tilt Heads
  1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Camera Screws
  2 x Ropes (3 meter each)
  2 x Rope Hooks
  Storage Case



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  • What is the maximum speed when in use.

    The Load Capacity is as follows :
    Runnig Position: 20kg/44lb.
    Static Position: 25Kg/ 55lb.

  • Is the product delivered ready to use or is it necessary to provide one or more accessories?

    You just need to add the 100mm fluid head to it, rest all the items are in this kit.

  • Hello, Is this Suitable for blackmagic pocket 6k pro?

    Yes, the Camtree Power V2 Suction Cup Camera Clamp (G-PM-01) is suitable for DSLR video cameras up to 20 kg / 44 lbs.