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Casepro Navi21 Shoulder Bag

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₹ 709.00
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This bag has a EVA reinforced ridge line for impact protection, There is also a side handle as well as a top handle for easy carrying, The material this bag is made from is spill proof, When water is spilled onto this bag, the material will made the water bead off, instead of soaking it up. The Navi21 is the perfect for if you only need to carry your one DSLR camera with a medium size lens attached, + one additional lens and one speedlight flash, This bag has 15mm thick dividers which can be repositioned, or taken out completely, there is also a rain cover that slips over the top of this bag to protect your gear from rain, There are two large pockets for your other accessories, 1x pocket in the front and 1x pocket in the rear.

- Internal dimensions : 210x110x180
- External dimensions: 260x150x260

- 1x Casepro Navi21 Shoulder Bag
- 1x raincover
- 1x shoulder strap


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