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Flycam Comfort Arm & Vest for Handheld Camera Stabilizers

for Flycam 5000/3000/DSLR Nano Stabilizers

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Original price
₹ 18,031.00
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Flycam Comfort Arm & Steadycam Vest


The Flycam Comfort Arm & Vest converts a handheld stabilizer into a full body-worn system that eliminates the stress and captures fluid on-screen camera shots with unsurpassed comfort.
The spring arm and vest connects to each other assisting the stabilizer and greatly improving the overall functionality and reducing operator fatigue.
It lets you execute more natural-looking manual camera pan movements.
Gives you Wide Vertical range of motion, including “Low Mode”.

Flycam Comfort Arm & Steadycam Vest
Flycam Comfort Arm & Steadycam Vest


Foam Padded Vest with extremely breathable material provides great comfort, perfect fit and unrestricted movements.
Easy height adjustment & Velcro straps enable a comfortable fit for all body types.
A unique and proprietary Arm-to-Vest Connector allows the Support Arm’s angle to be adjusted relative to the Support Vest.
Push-fit buckles allow you to remove the vest quickly during short breaks.


The lightweight, dynamic Comfort Arm is designed to carry payloads up to 5kg/11lb and optimize performance throughout its lifting range.
The arm absorbs all jerks, bumps and shakes on even the roughest terrains while you walk or even run.
Spring Tension Adjustment Knob easily adjusts the tension of the spring depending upon the weight of the setup.
The Stainless-Steel Spring and high-quality bearings in the arm provide for an Ultra Smooth shot while you follow the subject.

Flycam Comfort Arm & Steadycam Vest




  Arm: High-grade CNC Machined Aluminum
  Vest: CNC Aluminum & Synthetic Fabric

Payload Capacity

  up to 5kg / 11lb

Waist size

  28" to 60"

Extension Arms

  Small: 18cm
  Big: 32cm

Length of Spring


Arm Vest Connector Pin Diameter

  1.9 cm, 1.3 cm


  Stabilizer Arm: 1.39 kg / 3.5 lb
  Stabilizer Vest: 1.67 kg / 3.6 lb


Flycam Comfort Arm
Flycam Comfort Vest


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  • What are the minimum and maximum chest and waist sizes the vest will fit ?

    The Vest will fit to the sizes as follows :
    Minimum Chest Size : 38 inches
    Minimum Waist Size : 28 inches

    Maximum Chest Size : 52 inches
    Maximum Waist Size : 60 inches

  • Can i put a dslr on it? is it possible to mount one on there? saw a video and they were using larger cameras but curious on the usage of a dslr ?

    Yes, you can put a DSLR on it, you can put a variety of cameras as this arm and vest will perfectly work for total weight up to 8kg(17lbs).

  • Do the vest and arm help with stabilization?

    Yes it does help, however the most important part of stabilization is first balancing the flycam initially. That would mean placing all items that will be used on the day of shooting (ie, Monitor, Battery, Camera, Lens, Wires, additional mounts, etc) for proper accuracy in the balancing process. It will take some time to correctly balance, but once you have the corret balance of the stabilizer, the arm and vest will be extremely helpful in the final stabilization.

  • Just to make sure. this comes with the vest & the fly cam stabilizer?

    Yes, It comes with an Arm and Vest only. The Flycam stabilizer is ‘NOT INCLUDED’ in this kit.

  • Will this work with a glidecam 4000 and hd series?

    Yes, it will perfectly work with your glidecam stabilizer. But this kit does come with it's own stabilizer.

  • What is the shipping weight of this kit? it does not include table clamp? thanks!

    The shipping weight is around 11lbs or 5kg. It does not come with a table clamp.

  • What is the diameter of the main shaft?

    The main shaft (spool adapter) has the diameter of 18.5mm which can easily adapt the stabilizers with the handle’s inner diameter of 19mm. We provide a bush to add onto it to make it 21.5mm so that it can adapt to the handle’s diameter of 22mm.

  • Does the vest have a carrying case too?

    No, The vest doesn’t come in a carry case.

  • What is the warranty?

    We provide 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Items which are covered by the warranty period will be replaced at no cost to the customer. Replacement parts of the product will be provided at nominal cost (covering the cost price of the replacement parts only) to the customers after the Warranty Period has expired.

  • \"The customer has a comfort arm and vest and he wants to attach DJI Ronin SC3 gimbal with it. Please confirm it is possible\"

    In order to use the Comfort Arm & Vest with the DJI Ronin SC3, you will need to use the customized FLYCAM Arm and Vest Gimbal Adapter FLCM-GA having 19mm diameter.

  • What are the size of the buckles?

        The buckles of the Flycam Comfort Arm & Vest are 2" Plastic clip buckles.

  • Is this compatible with the dji rsc2?

    The Flycam Comfort Arm & Vest is not compatible with the DJI RSC2. However, you can mount this on the Flycam, Galaxy Arm & Vest GLXY-AV with the help of Flycam Gimbal Adapter FLCM-GA.