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Proaim 100mm Bowl Head Tripod Stand With Rubber Tripod Shoes

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SKU : P-TP-100-B

Proaim represents its stylish, lightweight, portable 100mm aluminium Bowl Head Tripod Stand with Rubber Tripod Shoes. It is ideally designed to use with digital DSLR, compact video cameras. The Proaim Two-Stage 100mm DSLR camera Tripod is an extremely stable platform with an incredible height range of 49". The tripod legs incorporate quick horizontal locking levers that are easily accessible for safe and secure height adjustment. Lightweight and adjustable Rubber Tripod Shoes specifically made to strengthen and add stability to the tripod stand. It is a best travel tripod and ideal choice for capturing impeccable shots.

100mm Bowl Tripod


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- Sturdy Aluminum construction twin leg tripod stand.
- 2-Stage with quick and secure knobs for height adjustment.
- Combination of stability and strength with affordability
- Sleek knobs for tightening the telescopic extension.
- Light-weight, portable and compact camera tripod.
- Quick ''on-off'' non- slip rubber shoes offers stable support to tripod legs.
- Rubber overshoes for both smooth floors and uneven surfaces.
- 100% satisfaction guarantee.


For Nikon Canon Sony DV HDV Camcorder Film Video Camera

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

- Max height - 49"
- Min height - 31"
- Collapsible height - 32 inch
- Load capacity of tripod stand – 80kgs / 176lbs
- Load capacity at max height - 25kgs / 55lbs
- Weight - 11 lbs
- Leg Lock Type - Locking Knobs
- The inbuilt bowl made from pressure die casting
- Tripod tubes made of Aluminum
- Non Slip rubber feet

- 100mm bowl Tripod Stand
- 3 x Proaim Rubber Tripod Shoes
- Packing bag


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