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Proaim 24ft Breeze Film Shooting Equipment

(Proaim Wave-5P 24ft Jib with W5-STD stand, Senior Pan Tilt Head, D-37 Tripod Dolly, Zoom Controller)

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Proaim unveils its Wave-5P 24ft Breeze Package, driven with technicalities for modern video shooting. The crane jib uses triangular aluminum tubing for lightweight design and yet maintains the strength and rigidity. The arm connecting bars securely fits into another one with top screw that guarantees its strength and reliability.

Included with the Heavy duty long lasting tripod stand and D-37 camera dolly to add dynamic moving shots in your videos. Moreover our Sr. Pan Tilt head, Lanc zoom controller makes it a right choice for all filmmakers. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just a passionate beginner, you’ll get breath- taking footage every time with your vision.

camera crane package


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This High Grade Aluminum constructed camera crane jib arm is expandable from 4ft (one section) to 24ft (six sections) in 4ft increments. As a quality constructed reinforced movie camera crane, it should last a lifetime.
- The Rear Control Center has provisions for mounting the Joystick Control box & Zoom Controller.
- Jib Arm connecting bars securely fits into another one with top screw that guarantees its double security, strength and reliability.


The Sr. pan tilt head provided in the package, gets easily attached to the head mounting in no time that saves your production time. This high strength Head mounting is designed in such a way that it is also compatible with most of the motorized heads.

camera jib with head

camera crane package

Each section fits smoothly and securely into another one. For better protection, it is fastened by a screw at the top which ensures better safety of your movie camera crane. Double security features guarantees its strength and reliability.

camera jib with head

Custom extruded sections connects smoothly & securely with one another

The Heavy Duty Tripod Stand (W5-STD) is a rock solid, robust and long lasting camera crane stand made of mild steel, with an incredible height range of 42". It has a strong hub assembly. The feet are solid with double locking knobs.

camera jib with head

Heavy duty stand ensures steady shots


D-37 Pro Dolly is the most portable camera dolly in the market. It's a compact, lightweight and versatile pro dolly best suited for supporting all heavy duty stands.

video jib

Industrial grade aluminum dolly can bear heaviest of equipment


- Rubber wheels with bearings allow for smooth movement
- It folds to a compact size for easy transport
- Build-in wheel lock provides stability to the system even in rougher terrains
- Pro Dolly setup supports heavy weight
- Quality designed and engineered

Designed for DV, HDV and broadcast cameras weighing up to 7.5kgs/16.5 pounds or less, our Proaim Senior Pan Tilt Head offers 360 degree endless panning and tilting with reversal points.
- Runs on 12v DC power produced by the included A/C adapter or also accepts external 12V DC battery power through the included 3mtr long 4 pin XLR cable for outdoor shooting.
- You receive the Pan-Tilt Head with assembled wiring for Top and Bottom Motor.
- To install Power out to head (4 pin connector) and 12 volt DC power (4 pin XLR) in rear of joystick box.

video jib

Achieve unfettered, floating camera moves


- The Dead spot control determines the center band of the joystick where no motion will occur when not wanted.
- Out of the box, the Pan Tilt System with assembled wiring for Top and Bottom Motors.
- Consistent operation at its slowest speed without stopping.
- Camera platform height can be adjusted at any point .


- The Joystick control system includes a 9mt long operating cable and AC adapter.
- Operational from a flat surface in handheld mode or when attached to the bottom of the jib arm.

camera jib with head

An exquisite body with intuitive control


- Joystick has proportional linear movement i.e. farther you move the joystick, the faster the head moves.
- Joystick is touch sensitive.
- Small movement – less speed.
- More movement – more speed.


The Proaim 7" Widescreen Color TFT LCD Monitor displays 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen and works perfectly with most Digital SLR and HD DV Cameras including Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, JVC etc. It is fully compatible with NTSC & PAL. It has On-board AV input output ports, its non HDMI. You can use this LCD Monitor with your any other package like shoulder mount, stabilization system etc. with the help of any 1/4" screw adapter.


-  Male RCA jacks for a direct connection to your camera without adapters
-  16:9 or 4:3 Adjustable Display widescreen
-  Compatible with most Digital SLR and HD DV Cameras including Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, JVC.
-  Headphone jack
-  High output stereo speakers
-  Full functional Remote control
-  NTSC & PAL Compatible
-  Battery attachment on back of LCD itself
-  LCD stand for tabletop mounting
-  Antenna Mounting
-  Attaches to camera's accessory shoe
-  On-board AV input

portable lcd monitor


The Proaim Zoom Control for DV Cameras is a universal controller for LANC and Panasonic Mini DV or HDV cameras. It works only with most Sony & Canon cameras with a 2.5mm mini-jack LANC input and Panasonic models with a 2.5mm mini-jack Cam Remote input.

Tripod crane

An exquisite body with intuitive control


This tool / accessory roll pouch provides Rapid Access to Various Tools such as Allen Keys or wrenches. This premium quality tool roll has 10 Various Pockets to neatly organize a variety of hand tools so you can work quickly and efficiently

dslr jib

Soft pouch to handle all your tools safely


camera crane package

Protective carry case for easy transportation
The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

Weighing Capacity of Jib 15kg
Jib Arm Material High Grade Aluminum HE30
Jib Arm wall Thickness 3mm
Camera Crane Length 24ft
Crane Pan Lock No
Crane Tilt Lock No
Jib each Arm length 4ft
Finish Black Powder Coated
Jib Arm Break downs to 6 Sections of 4ft each



Weight of tripod stand 11.5 Kg
Length of Tripod 42''
Made from Mild Steel
Dia of tripod leg 40mm
Weighing Capacity 500kgs


Pan-Tilt Material High Grade Aluminum
Max Camera Package Load Capacity 7.5kg (16.5 lbs)
Pan movement 360 degrees
Tilt movement 360 degrees
Speed Variable-controlled speed from 6 degrees/sec (low speed) to 51 degrees/sec (high speed)
Slowest Speed : 2 minutes
Highest Speed : 7 seconds.
Motors Two high torque, coreless DC motors that rotates (pans) and tilts the head 360 degrees
Gears 2- Silver Big Gears (Dia- 89mm)
2- Brass Small Gears (Dia- 14mm)
Minimum height of head 18.5 inches
Maximum height of head 26 inches
AC Adapter input AC 100 - 240V ; output - DC 12V -2A
Cable Length 9 meter
Cable Connector 4-Pin XLR
Battery Cable 3 Meter long
Weight 7.2kg (15.8 lbs)
Carrying Bag Dimensions 50 X 35 X 19 cm
  • 24ft Wave 5 Movie camera crane
  • Sr. Pan Tilt head (PT-SR)
  • Tripod Stand (W5-STD)
  • D-37 Floor Dolly
  • Proaim Lanc Zoom Controller (P-ZC-3DV)
  • Proaim Pro Lcd -003 7'' Monitor Kit
  • FREE Tools and Tool Pouch/Wrap

  • Could it be controlled by a computer

    The Proaim Pan Tilt Head PT-SR is only controlled by a joystick controller included in it. It will not be controlled by a computer.

  • Can the Sr. Pan Tilt Head be moved by hand if i don\'t want to use the motor?

    Yes, the Proaim Senior Pan tilt head can be moved with hands but before this you have to disengage the motor gear to avoid any damage to the gears.

  • Does the Breeze have a larger truss than the Fraser ?

    The truss of both the Proaim Fraser Jib Crane and the Proaim Breeze jib crane are the same.

  • Hello, is screen includes in the crane packages ?

    The Proaim Camera Crane Packages does not include the monitors or screens.