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Proaim 24ft Camera Crane Base Kit

(Proaim Wave - 5P 24ft Jib With W5-STD Stand and D-37 Floor Dolly)

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PROAIM 24 ' Base Kit is a complete production package for those who do not believe in compromise. It is designed to extend your reach and to explore every unexplored angle. The hi grade aluminum construction enables fast set-up & makes it easy for one man to operate. Comes with a rugged dolly to enhance your shooting capabilities and a LCD mounting arm for better viewing. Not only give slow or high level effect its unique automatic & manual tilting system gets you more off your camera crane, your imagination it's the limit.  

professional camera crane


- Quick, Flexible & dynamic champion for all locations
- Reinforced engineering.
- Occupies less floor space.
- Expandable from 4ft (one section).
- The Rear Control Center has provisions for mounting the Joystick Control box & Zoom Controller.
- As a quality Constructed reinforced movie camera crane , it shoulderstand load a lifetime.

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Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements

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Pan tilt head gets easily attached to the head mounting in no time that saves your production time. This high strength Head mounting is designed in such a way that it is also compatible with most of the motorized heads.

24ft Camera Crane

24ft Camera Crane


Each jib arm section fits smoothly and securely into another one. For better protection, it is fastened by a screw at the top which ensures better safety of your camera crane. Double security features guarantee its strength and reliability.

professional camera crane


The Heavy Duty (W5-STD) Jib Stand is a Rock Solid, robust and long lasting camera crane stand made of mild steel.
-  The feet are solid and with double lock strong knob and locking knobs as well.
-  The Tripod stand is an extremely stable platform with an incredible height range of 42".

professional camera crane

D-37 floor dolly is the most portable dolly in the market. It's a compact, lightweight and versatile floor dolly best suited for supporting all heavy duty stands.

professional camera crane

Industrial grade aluminum dolly can bear heaviest of equipment


video jib


camera crane

professional camera crane

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

  Weighing Capacity of Jib   15kg
  Jib Arm Material   High Grade Aluminum HE30
  Jib Arm wall Thickness   3mm
  Camera Crane Length   24ft
  Jib each Arm length   4ft
  Crane Pan Lock   No
  Crane Tilt Lock   No
  Finish   Black Powder Coated
  Jib Arm Break downs to   6 Sections of 4ft each

  Weight of tripod stand   11.5 Kg
  Length of Tripod   42''
  Made from   Mild Steel
  Dia of tripod leg   40mm

-  24ft Wave 5 Movie camera crane
-  Tripod Stand (W5-STD)
-  D-37 Floor Dolly (D-37)
-  FREE Tools and Tool Pouch/Wrap


  • Does the 24ft Camera Crane have a larger truss than the Fraser ?

    The truss of both the Proaim Fraser Jib Crane and the Proaim 24ft Camera Crane are the same.

  • Am I able to add additional sections to make it 32ft?

    The additional sections cannot be added to the Proaim Wave-5 24ft crane to make it 32ft.      

  • Hello, is screen includes in the crane packages ?

    The Proaim Camera Crane Packages does not include the monitors or screens.