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Proaim Muffle Cage for Sony A7RIII Camera

Original price ₹ 6,030.00 - Original price ₹ 11,000.00
Original price
₹ 9,500.00
₹ 6,030.00 - ₹ 11,000.00
Current price ₹ 9,500.00
SKU : CG-A7R3-00

New Proaim Cage for the New Sony Flagship A7 Mark 3!

Easy Attaching of Accessories for Polished, Professional-Quality Video.

One Piece of Aluminum provides Sturdy Support & Protection.

Ergonomically Designed, Easily Accessible & Fully Customizable!

Perfect Solution - Suits the needs of Individual Filmmakers!

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Proaim Muffle Cage

Proaim Muffle Cage for Sony A7RIII is ergonomically designed for versatility and provides sturdy, dependable support as well as protection for the camera; while providing access to all ports and controls. Constructed from a single piece of aluminium, the cage has ARRI locating points & is covered with 1/4″-20 & 3/8”-16 threads for mounting various accessories, enabling a fully customizable setup. It also features a built-in cold shoe mount. A cable clamp is included to hold an HDMI cable in place, also protects the camera’s ports from external damage

Camera Cage for Sony Alpha A7RIII

Proaim Muffle Cage with Top Handle


The Custom-designed Proaim Muffle Cage for Sony A7RIII comes with a Top Handle which provides excellent grip & comfort for handheld shooting. The Top Handle provides multiple mounting points for attaching more devices. The Cage’s hollow structure makes battery slot, SD card slot and cable ports accessible. Also has a cold shoe to mount EVF bracket or other video accessories.

Camera Cage for sony A7RIII

Proaim Muffle Cage with Top Handle & Rod Support


In this model, the sturdy yet lightweight cage comes with a Top Handle and 15mm Rod Support with 2x300mm rods. This enables configuration of a complete Camera Cage Rig Kit including Shoulder Pad, Matte Box and Follow Focus. Thus, the durable camera kit offers independent filmmakers a much-needed release from the stress of handheld shots.

Camera Cage with Rod Support




- Construction:CNC machined high grade Aluminium.
- Compatible with Sony Alpha: A7R III
- Camera mounting Screw: 1/4"-20
- Tripod mounting threads: 1/4"-20
- Accessory mounting threads: 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16

Product Weight (without packing)

  CG-A7R3-00  CG-A7R3-01  CG-A7R3-02
  340gm / 750lbs   410gm / 903lbs   930gm / 2.05lbs
  CG-A7R3-00  CG-A7R3-01  CG-A7R3-02
  Proaim Muffle Cage for Sony A7RIII cage   Proaim Muffle Cage for Sony A7RIII Cage   Proaim Muffle Cage for Sony A7RIII Cage
  Cable Clamp   Cable Clamp   Cable Clamp
  -   Top Handle   Top Handle
  -   -   Rod Support
  -   -   2 x 300mm Rods

  • Hi, Is this compatible ( Cage + Handle + HDMI & USB Lock ) compatible with Sony A7III ?

    Yes, the Proaim Muffle Cage will work perfectly with Sony A7 Mark 3 camera.