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Proaim Polaris Portable Camera Dolly with Universal Track Ends

Compatible Track Rail Diameter - 1.5" - 1.98"

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Extension to Mount Additional Gears on your Audio Cart!


Professional Lightweight Durable

The Polaris Dolly is the most versatile and portable dolly solution for filmmakers wanting a small footprint on set without sacrificing stability or safety.
The Polaris Dolly is all about being on the go.
It is quick to set up and light enough to handle and carry it wherever you go.
It is constructed of high-grade Aluminum for a more robust yet lightweight build; and supports loads of up to 200kg/440lb.

Proaim Polaris Portable Camera Dolly with Universal Track Ends
Proaim Polaris Portable Camera Dolly with Universal Track Ends


Easy and Configurable Setup

Polaris Dolly is designed for peed rail/track, which you can extend to any length as per the shooting needs. You can use any pipe as a track: aluminum, stainless steel, high-strength plastic etc.
Compatible Speed rail and end-clamps mount to tripods and light stand (baby or junior stands) in seconds, allowing users to start filming in no time.
Utilizing Polaris Dolly's integrated adjustable feet provide mounting solutions for any filming environment.


Mounting Options

Various camera and rig mounting options include Mitchell mount, 75mm, 100mm, optional Mitchell to 150mm bowl mount and cheese plate.
¼" -20 & ⅜" -16 threaded holes on each side and a 3/8" through hole in the middle allow mounting accessories such as LED lights or Monitors.
Polaris Dolly allows you to mount your camera directly on the Dolly via ball head / fluid head, at floor level or tripods to achieve different levels of shots.

Proaim Polaris Portable Camera Dolly with Universal Track Ends
Proaim Polaris Portable Camera Dolly with Universal Track Ends


Tracking Dolly For Smooth Shots

16-wheel design with floating trucks gives smooth, squeak-free move on a straight or curved track.
They have High-Speed SS Bearings that are silent and offer incredibly smooth movements.
It can be used with a variety of track options. Lay it on two apple boxes for a low mode shot or flat surface with an integrated foot system. You can even invert the track ends to operate off ground level.



The whole dolly system is Quick & Easy to Set up for a steady workflow. It saves a lot of your valuable production time.
Brake System keeps the Dolly in place. It also works as an Anti-tip when it's not on the brake.
The track ends with center support fit into standard C-stands or Baby stand receivers with 5/8" Baby Pin.
The Dolly comes in a custom made Flight Transport Case with an intuitive foam cutout for easy repacking and is comfortable enough to be carried by one person.

Proaim Polaris Portable Camera Dolly with Universal Track Ends



  Dolly Platform: High-grade CNC Aluminum
  Track Wheels: High-density Polyurethane
  Bearings: High-Speed Stainless Steel

Load Capacity

  Minimum : 5kg / 11lb
  Maximum : up to 200kg/440lb, Rest depends on track capacity

Camera Mount

  Incorporated Mitchell Mount
  75mm & 100mm Bowl Adapters
  Optional Mitchell to 150mm adapter is available for purchase.

Compatible Track

OD: 1.5" to 1.98" (38 - 50.4mm) (with Track Ends)
OD: 1.26" to 1.98" (32 - 50.4mm) (without Track Ends)

Track Distance

  12'' Center distance

Accessory Mounting

  2 x 3/8" Through Holes
  2 x 1/4"-20 Threaded
  2 x 3/8"-16 Threaded

Temperature Maximum

  100°F (37.8°C)

Dimensions (L x W) Dolly

  10" x 14" / 25.4 x 35.5 cm


  Weight of Dolly: 5.9kg
  Weight of Dolly including all accessories: 11.5kg

Package Weight

  13 kg

In the Box

  Polaris Dolly with 16 wheels
  2 x Universal Track Ends
  4 x End Feet
  Center Support
  Integrated Mitchell Mount
  75mm Bowl Adapter
  100mm Bowl Adapter
  Break System

User Manual


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