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Proaim Power Pack

For power voltage 12V equipment

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₹ 10,857.00
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The “Proaim Power Pack” is a complete solution to all your worries related to power supply required for long hour shoots or on-fields shoots. Safe, steady charging for all types of 12V batteries makes this power bank a great solution for all professionals. Compact and stylish design for outdoor usage and high-quality battery ensure reliable power sourcing for your devices. Once fully charged it works for approx. 5 hours (with a single device).

12v battery pack

It is the most powerful 12V battery power pack block available in the market, designed for your ease and comfort. The LED charge indicator indicates the power consumption in three different modes. It can be used with any equipment that needs 12V power voltage (Sliders, Pan-tilt Head) etc. This compact power pack box with handle makes the batteries organized and easy for transportation.

rechargeable 12v battery pack


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- Great for events.
- Water resistant, crushproof, and dust proof.
- High grade, impact proof suitcase with Level indicator..
- Easy open latch.
- Compatible with all type of 12 volt batteries.
- Available in Yellow color only.
- 100% satisfaction Guarantee.


PROAIM POWER PACK is highly simple and affordable battery power pack that has no travel restrictions.
- Fully charged, (indicates green color)
- Lowest voltage level achieved (indicates red color)
- In case of any technical faults (blinks yellow color)

12v power packrechargeable 12v power pack

Provide flexible, sturdy and stable protection for Battery pack


rechargeable 12v battery pack

Effortless power to your gear

- 12 volt, 7-amp hour memory-free battery
- 100 - 240 volts AC input voltage
- Charges from completely flat to fully charged in 5 hours
- Working Hours Approx: 5 hours (with a single device)
- No need to discharge completely before charging
- LED charge indicator
- 4-pin XLR power port
- Built-in, attached power cord stores inside the battery
- Outer dimensions: 13" (L) x 10" (W) x 4.5" (D)

  • Proaim Power Pack


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