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Proaim SnapRig O-Clamp with 5/8″ Baby Pin, Ø42mm ID. CL227

For Rigging on Speed Rails / Scaffold Poles

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₹ 990.00
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SKU : CL227

Proaim SnapRig O-Clamp with 5/8″ Baby Pin, Ø42mm ID


Clever Design
Make rigging challenges easy with Proaim SnapRig O Clamp that comes accompanied by a 5/8" baby pin.
It is a smart rigging solution that fits a 42mm speed rail or scaffold pole, perfect for most of your setup needs.
It is best suited for mounting photography, video, stage, and lighting accessories such as Reflectors, Softboxes, Lights, grip heads, etc., at any angle or height you want.
Machined out of High-Grade CNC Aluminum, the clamp is lightweight, durable, and easy to set & remove.



  High-Grade CNC Aluminum

Clamp Size

  Ø42mm ID

Accessory Mounting

  Ø5/8" Baby Pin


Product Weight (Without Packing)

  0.16kg / 0.35lb

Product Weight (With Packing)

  0.44kg / 0.97lb


Proaim SnapRig O Clamp 5/8″ Baby Pin CL227
1 x M4 Allen Key


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