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Camtree Hunt BMCC XLR Audio/Video with Power Supply Converter

Rs. 10,003.00

Combined with the powerful performance, BlackMagic cinema camera power supply converter has superior flexibility for balanced recordings in a broad range of situations. Audio/Video/Power Adapter for BMCC designed especially for the BMCC Rig but can be used with other rigs. Converts your audio input/output from a standard 1/4” (TRS) jack connector to a 3 pin XLR female input/output and vice-versa - includes 2 (two) female XLR input/outputs and two male 1/4” (TRS) jack connectors (Audio 1 and Audio 2).

SDI signal splitter in to two (2) female outputs (SDI 1 and SDI 2). It converts the barrel connector power output to a standard 4 pin female XLR connector. Includes a 19mm rod clamp with 15mm adaptor for attaching to any 15mm and 19mm rod configuration. Although compatible it does not provide phantom power.
Provide the best video and audio signal processing and interface components that enhance the viewing experience!


-  Particularly designed for Blackmagic Cinema Camera.
-  Highest quality pro audio video connectors.
-  Mounts anywhere on a rail or a plate.
-  Quality engineered for years of use.
-  Excellent XLR input solution at economical price.
-  This tiny marvel provides unrestricted audio & works perfectly well with all gadgets.
-  100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Performance oriented power solution for your camera


The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

-  Crafted from solid materials and designed with light tolerances
-  Rod hole is natively 19mm
-  Optional 15mm adapter bushing adapts to 15mm rods
-  1/4"-20 threaded holes
-  3 pin XLR female connector
-  4 pin XLR power connector

-  Camtree hunt BMCC XLR Audio Video power supply converter for BlackMagic Cinema Camera
-  Bolt-on a 19mm Rod Adapter
-  19mm-15mm Rod Adapter
-  1/4'' Bolt and L-key

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