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Flycam-EB Stabilizer with Arm & Vest

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The Flycam-EB Stabilizer is an improved version of the higher quality of stabilizers. Made of Carbon Fiber, Flycam-EB Stabilizer now comes with Monitor mounting arm, Connecting Wires, Power Supply (known as Junction Box), V-Mount Battery Plate and adjustable Universal Top Plate.

The Stabilizing Arm & Vest makes extended shooting nearly effortless, providing complete comfort and functionality for extended productions and long continuous shots. The Stabilizer can now fly for hours — shooting entire weddings, sporting events, or theatrical performances — without undue fatigue.



This camera sled incorporates sophisticated engineering and precision machining to make it lightweight and strong. It has carbon fiber post with aluminium black anodized head. It is very easy to balance and has provision to mount LCD Monitor & V-Mount Battery. The camera mount plate has gear teeth that enables easy sliding and quick mounting of camera.

Quick Release Plate with Inbuit Scaling
Camera quick release plate has both ¼-20" and 3/8-16" mounting bolts to hold various cameras. You can make the adjustments using both the horizontal & vertical axis & inbuilt Scaling is for Micro Adjustment. This modern feature lets you again balance the camera at your desired setting in an extremely less time.

X & Y Balancing Adjustment
Camera Platform moves back & front, and side to side, for easy horizontal camera balance. It has a Zip-Lock feature that allows faster assembly, compared to other handheld stabilizers. Micro head comes with gear and screw technology for adjusting X & Y-axis for quick and precise balancing. It offers an unobtrusive support with installation being six times faster than traditional methods.

Adjustable 3-Axis Gimbal with Foam Cushioned Handle
Precisely constructed three-axis adjustable gimbal has ball bearings which provide rotational camera control with easy ‘on axis’ movements.It also allows low mode operation. The foam cushioned handle that is attached with the gimbal makes handheld shooting comfortable.

Balancing the Camera
The Base Platform contains weight discs that help in maintaining dynamic balance of the stabilizer and you can easily add or remove weights as per your camera’s need.


Flycam Vest offers perfect fit, great comfort and unrestricted movements, all with a user-friendly design. The EB Vest has seven segments that can be freely positioned in height and width, so that operators can adjust the shoulder, chest and hip segments perfectly to their individual physique. Flycam Vest provides support for the camera system, helping to prevent fatigue by transferring weight of camera to operator’s hips. The vest is padded with extremely breathable material to provide comfort and adjustments can be made without tools and on the fly. The modular & adjustable vest fits easily on all body types.


Flycam-EB Dual Springs Arm enables quick, precise and smooth operation. High-grade CNC aluminum constructed Arm carries payload up to 15kg/33lb and optimizes performance throughout its lifting range. It is possible to adjust angle between arm and operator’s body freely. With Vest’s Left/Right Arm mounting option; you can adapt to the preferred operating side in an extremely quick and safe manner. You can easily adjust the tension of this iso-elastic arm to counteract the weight of camera and steadycam sled. The high-performance bearings in the arm make even the slowest camera moves ultra-smooth.

- Construction: CNC Aluminum
- Design of Arm: Dual Section
- Springs: Dual Springs
- Product Weight (Without Packing): 4kg / 8.8lb

- Construction: Carbon Fiber
- Load capacity of EB Stabilizer: 10kg / 22lb

- Flycam-EB Camera Stabilizer
- Flycam-EB Camera Stabilizer Arm
- Flycam-EB Camera Stabilizer Vest

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