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FlyFilms Rollercam TableTop Camera Dolly With Ball Head

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Rs. 450.00

FLYFILMS Rollercam is a 3-wheel mini dolly that you can use to achieve fluid motion shots in straight lines, curves, and wide circles. Its High quality wheels resemble those of inline skates, and high-quality ball bearings ensure that your dynamic shots are carried off smoothly – without a hitch.
It comes with a table top dolly that gives incredible motion control and a track that gets you smooth movement on a stable surface in any environment

- Height of Ball Head - 4 inches
- Weight - 220 grms
- Diameter - 52mm
- Pressure die cast powder coated aluminum construction
- Upper head vertical movement control
- Base adjusts horizontal movement
- Tripod mount capability
- Dolly Platfoam - 15cm x 15cm
- Weight of Dolly - 850 grm
- Dolly Material - Polymide 66
- Height of dolly - 9cm
- FLYFILMS Rollercam Dolly
- Accessories Mounting Clamp
- Ball Tilt Head

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