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PROAIM 18ft Film Crane With Jib Stand

Supporting Cameras weighing upto 7.5kg / 16.5lbs

Rs. 33,326.00
SKU : P-18-JS

Proaim introduces its 18ft camera crane jib, a perfect companion for your filming projects and adventures. It is specially designed Camera Jib for professionals to extend their reach and to discover every unexplored angle. Enhance the video production value with Smooth horizontal / 360 degree revolving shots while still keeping the crowd and crew safe.


Special Features- Can be used as 14ft and 10ft Jib

This Hi-Quality Aluminium build camera crane gives you the freedom to take the camera jib to the places you would have only dreamt of doing in the past. You won't miss any chance to catch any critical moment with our easily stable hi-angle camera jib. Its robust construction makes it lightweight and compact which is hard to compete.


Exclusive of Weights

Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements

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Ribbed Sections for High Strength

Ribbed sections make the jib arm stronger & durable. It supports cameras up to 8kg/17.6lb. The dual lock mechanism provides safety and security to the joint ribbed sections.

ribbed sections

High Capacity Camera Base Platform

High-capacity Camera Base platform is built with exact standards for a remarkably stable point. It allows direct camera mounting on jib. Superior design set this base platform apart from others.

base plate

Central Fork with Thrust Roller Bearings

The fork provides you with maximum stability, smooth movements, up & down jerk free action shots as well as left & right sleek style shots. Its bearings provide a high degree of stiffness within a minimum axial space. These bearings enable to house heavy axial loads and shock loads.


Locking Pin for Stable/Moving Shots

High strength SS locking pin is used at the pivot point of the jib arm, and is connected properly to prevent from ever being lost.
- The control handle can be unlocked by releasing the locking pin to get moving shots.
- You can achieve fixed camera angles when controlling handle is pin locked.

cable & coupling

LCD Monitor Mounting Arm

The LCD Monitor arm is designed for mounting small LCD monitors to the Jib. It allows you to position the monitor in a variety of places on the Jib or Crane (Front, Back, High or Low).

lcd monitor mounting

Cables & Couplings

Our modular cable system boosts camera crane stability and rigidity. The superior-quality cable tensioning system keeps the 18ft camera crane stretched, rock solid and easy to control.

cable & coupling

Heavy Duty Jib Stand

Cinema Crane

The Heavy duty stand is constructed to carry heaviest of loads with an ease. The Sturdy base ensures strong connection between the crane and stand, extra solid knobs for secure locking. The high strength stand acts as a supporter for all time stable shots.

Convertible to Short Lengths

Studio jib arm

Multi Angle Shots

jib crane

The camera base allows direct mounting of camera.
The Handle Bar allows easy tilts for multi- dimensional shots.

Quick Pan Tilt Connectivity

professional film crane

The Rock Solid jib is compatible with wider variety of modern pan tilts that result in multi angle shots.
The jib gets connected in minutes thereby saving production time.



Gets you sweeping crane shot that captures your audience's attention

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

  Weighing Capacity Maximum 8kg (17.6 lb)
 Self-Balance 25kg
 Camera weight 1kg x 4kg. Counter weight +25kg
  Material Used CNC made Aluminum Powder Coated
 Jib Arm Shape Rectangle
  Jib Arm Break downs into 5 Parts
 Length of Jib sections 3. 5ft each
 Jib Section Jointers Silver Aluminium
 Bearing at Centre Fork Pan Thrust bearing with washer made of stainless steel
 Camera Tilt Angles Up to 270 degree
 Locking Pin Stainless steel locking pin for stable or tilt camera angles
 Jib Pan Lock No
 Jib Tilt Lock No
 Height Range from ground level 19 ft. when stand height adjusted at 5ft
&nbspLength from tripod to Camera Mount 13’ 6’’
 Total jib arm length 17’
 Camera Mount plate Square
  Weight Holder Rod Made of MS Nickel chrome,
Length : 355mm
Dia : 25mm
 Weight Closures 2pcs. Made of MS Nickel chrome
 Horizontal Movement Yes
 Vertical Movement Yes
  Horizontal/Vertical movement Lock No
  LCD Mount Provision Yes
  Weight of Film Jib Crane 15kg/33lb


-  Made of Powder coted mild steel
-  Base spread - 32"- 48"
-  Height adjustment - 44"-80"
-  Collapsed height - 46"
-  Safety Pin for Secure Pole
-  Weight capacity of jib stand - 90kg /200lb
-  Weight of Jib Stand - 4.5kg/10lb (90kg)

-  18ft Professional Camera Crane (P-18)
-  Jib Stand (P-JS)
-  Storage Bag

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