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Proaim 38ft Magnum Video Production Package

(Proaim Wave-5P 38ft Jib with TP-GVTY-JS stand, Gold Pan Tilt Head, D-33 Tripod Dolly)

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Rs. 333,064.00

PROAIM comes forward with its quality constructed Wave-5P 38ft Magnum Package, a comprehensive Camera Crane Kit aimed specifically to give your camera all of the smooth and Hollywood production style motion you could ever hope for. High Grade Aluminum constructed triangular jib arm sections make it lighter weight for fast set-up & double security lock ensure high strength and reliability.

camera crane package

There is lot more in the package, a rugged tripod stand that acts as a supporter for your steady shots, a gold pan-tilt head to capture 360degree creative angles, Gravity Tripod dolly for dynamic moving shots, well-engineered E-focus for precise focus control & LCD mounting arm for better viewing.

camera jib with head

(Revised on 11-Dec-2019)

Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements

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Proaim 38ft Wave 5 Jib crane:
This High Grade Aluminum constructed camera crane is expandable from 2ft (one section) to 38ft (Nine sections) in 4ft increments.
- The Rear Control Center has provisions for mounting the Joystick Control box & Zoom Controller. Its Black scratch resistant Powder coated finish ensures durability in the harshest settings.
- The triangular section jib crane design is based on lightweight and makes it quick, flexible & dynamic champion for all locations.

Gets connected to most pan tilt in minutes, saving production time

camera crane package

Each jib arm section fits smoothly and securely into another one. For better protection, it is fastened by a screw at the top which ensures better safety of your camera crane. Double security features guarantees its strength and reliability.

camera jib with stand

Custom extruded sections connects smoothly & securely with one another

Gravity Tripod Stand (TP-GVTY-JS)(Revised on 11-Dec-2019)

Proaim Gravity Robust Tripod Stand is an ideal solution for this Crane; it supports the crane very well. Made of rugged, heavy-duty aluminum, the 2-Sections Gravity Tripod Stand provides extraordinary stability to your heavy camera setups. The Stand features micro adjustment on legs, for easy balancing. The tripod fits perfectly when folded and supports steadily when in action.

camera crane
Gravity Tripod Stand ensures steady shots


D-33 Dolly is the most portable professional camera dolly on the market. It's a compact, lightweight and versatile camera dolly best suited for supporting all heavy duty stands.
Adjustable tripod holding allows this dolly to match with many other tripods.
- Has smooth 360 degree rotating wheel bearings.
- Inbuilt wheel lock freezes the rubber wheels and stabilizes the system.
- It folds to a compact size for easy transport.

camera jib with stand

Industrial grade aluminum dolly can bear heaviest of equipment


The Gold Pan Tilt head features 360 degree endless panning and titling ability which is controlled with the help of Joystick controller. Its payload capacity is upto 7.5kg/16.5lbs.
- Works on 12V power through the included AC adapter and easily accepts external 12V DC battery power through the included 3mtr long 4 pin XLR cable for outdoor shooting.
-The head frame, gears & joystick controller are made from solid high grade Aluminum and are provided with assembled wiring for Top and Bottom Motors.
- To install the Power out to head (4 pin connector) and 12 volt DC power (4 pin XLR) in rear of joystick box. The Head comes in Carrying case with custom fit packing.

camera crane package

Innovative pan tilt ensures multi-dimensional moves


- The Joystick control system includes 13mt long operating cable and AC adapter.
- Operational from a flat surface in handheld mode or when attached to the bottom of the jib arm.
camera jib with head

An exquisite body with intuitive control


The Proaim Remote Zoom & Focus Control clamps to any tripod handle, jib, or support bar. The e-Focus Pro control provides precise control of zoom & focus with a remote focus & zoom dial. It is for dslr/dv/hdv video cameras contains everything needed for lens operation from the rear of the camera.

film making equipment

Smart widget with proportionate linear movement


Proaim POWER PACK is a high power, professional 12V battery pack designed for portable applications. It is the most powerful block battery available in the market. Proaim 12V BATTERY PACK is highly simple, no-nonsense and affordable block battery that has no travel restrictions.

High power battery pack for long shooting hours


The Proaim Zoom Control for DV Cameras is a universal controller for LANC and Panasonic Mini DV or HDV cameras. It works only with most Sony & Canon cameras with a 2.5mm mini-jack LANC input and Panasonic models with a 2.5mm mini-jack Cam Remote input.

camera crane package


This tool / accessory roll pouch provides Rapid Access to Various Tools such as Allen Keys or wrenches. This premium quality tool roll has 10 Various Pockets to neatly organize a variety of hand tools so you can work quickly and efficiently

Soft pouch to handle all your tools safely


video jib

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

 Weighing Capacity of Jib 15kg / 33lb
 Jib Arm Material High Grade Aluminum HE30
 Jib Arm Wall Thickness 3mm
 Camera Crane Length 38ft
 Crane Pan Lock Yes
 Crane Tilt Lock No
 Jib Each Arm Length 4ft
 Finish Black powder Coated
 Jib Arm Break downs to 10 Sections of jib arms

Gravity Tripod Stand (TP-GVTY-JS)
Weighing Capacity On Minimum Height 250kg, on maximum height 180kg
Material Used Solid aluminum
Hub Assembly Material High Grade Aluminum HE30 
Jib Stand Legs Micro Adjustment.
Stand Height when Collapsed 82cm
Stand Height when opened 120cm
Pipe dia 42mm
Folded Dimensions 94cm
Stand Weight 11.320 kg

  Pan Tilt Head Material   High Grade Aluminium
  Maximum Camera Package Load Capacity   7.4kg (16.5lbs)
  Pan, Tilt Movement   360 degrees
  Speed   Variable-controlled speed from 6 degrees/sec (low speed) to 51 degrees/sec (high speed)
Slowest Speed : 2 minutes
Highest Speed : 7 seconds
  Motors   Two high torque, coreless DC motors that rotates (pans) and tilts the head 360 degrees
  Gears   2- Brass Small Gears (Dia- 13mm), 2- Aluminium Big Gear (Dia-88mm)
  Minimum height of head   18 inches
  Maximum height of head   23 inches
  AC Adapter input   AC 100 - 240V ; output - DC 12V -2A
  Cable Length   13 meter
  Cable Connector   4-Pin XLR
  Battery Cable   3 Meter long
  Weight of Pan Tilt head   3.9kg
  Weight of Joystick box   810grm
  Box Dimensions   51 X 42 X 22 cm

  Joystick Controller   2-Axis
  Connectors   2x 4-Pin XLR male connectors
  Pan Direction/ Tilt Direction   Yes

 Control Exchange switch: LANC / P
(LANC - Most Sony and Canon cameras with LANC jack/P - Panasonic cameras with Cam Remote jack)
REC: Record start/stop
ZOOM: Zoom lever can be variable for zoom speed
 Physical Clamp distance (diameter): 0.4 - 1.2" (10 - 30mm)
Connector cable: 2.5mm Stereo mini jack
Cable Length: 22ft + 3ft (Extension)
 Operating Temperature 32-104°F(0 - 40°C)
 Weight 6.7oz(190g)

-  Proaim 38ft Wave 5 Camera Jib crane
-  Gold Pan-Tilt head (PT-GOLD)
- GRAVITY TRIPOD STAND (TP-GVTY-JS)(Revised on 11-Dec-2019)
-  E-focus control
-  Proaim Lanc Zoom Controller (P-ZC-3DV)
-  Custom fit storage case


  • Can this crane be mounted directly on the tripod head?

    Yes, the crane's tripod mount has both 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes for mounting to a tripod head's quick release plate. Just make sure your tripod head can support the overall weight of the crane and keep the tilt lock tightened.

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