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The Proaim Remote Zoom & Focus Control clamps to any tripod handle, jib, or support bar. The E-Focus Pro control provides precise control of zoom & focus with a remote focus & zoom dial. With its heavy-duty aluminum housing the E-Focus Pro is designed for operator comfort and long-term use under real world conditions. It is for DSLR/DV/HDV video cameras contains everything needed for lens operation from the rear of the camera. The system consists of the Zoom and Focus Controls.

- Power switch on/off on e-Focus control The 13" rubber 0.8 gear belt slips over the lens zoom and focus ring and attaches to the drive gear on zoom and focus brackets.
- The zoom and focus brackets has 15mm rod adapter to mount on your 15mm rod support.
- The built-in gearbox block on zoom and focus brackets enables smooth working of gear. - E-Focus Control provides smooth manual focus control of lenses.
- With Universal adapter fit the plugs in Europe. UK/USA/JAPAN/AUSTRALIA/ SPAIN and almost every country in the world.
- Allows extremely focusing lenses to be geared and used with Follow Focus industry standard 0.8 module.

- Motor Drive gear diameter - 72mm
- Motor of Drive gear
- Length of gear belt - 13"
- Lithium Battery - 7.5 volt
- E-focus mounting adapter - 15mm
- E-focus DSLR arm made of - Solid metal
- Total Weight with bag - 1.5 kg/3.30lbs
- Proaim E-Focus DSLR (EF-DSLR) Pro Zoom Follow Focus
- 2 x Motor drive gear with 15mm rail mount
- 2 x gear belt
- Remote Control
- Battery, Battery Adapter, Charger & Universal Adapter

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