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Proaim Ronin Mount for Camera Jib Crane

Rs. 12,210.00
SKU : RN-244-00

Your Favourite Ronin Is Now Jib Compatible!

Now mounting a Ronin on video camera jib crane is possible! Proaim introduces a Ronin Mount and Remote Controller Clamp; an all-purpose mounting solution for DJI Ronin Gimbals, it allows mounting of Ronin Gimbal to most Proaim Camera Jib / Crane. It is made to use with our quick release plate adapter for DJI Ronin, Ronin M & Ronin MX. The Quick Release Adapter also features threaded holes throughout for a wide range of mounting flexibility. There is also an included Controller Clamp to hold the DJI Ronin Remote Control in place for comfortable shooting.

DJI Ronin Mount


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Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements

DJI Ronin Controller


DJI Ronin Mount and Controller Clamp

DJI Ronin Mount and Controller Clamp

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only.


- Construction: CNC Made Aluminum
- Quick Release Compatibility: DJI Ronin, Ronin M & Ronin MX
- Product Weight (without packing): 0.85kg / 1.87lb


Ronin Mount for Proaim Camera Jib

DJI Ronin Quick Release for Proaim Camera Jib

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  • Ronin Mounting Adapter
  • Controller Clamp



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