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Proaim Sky-Walker Pro Cinema Cablecam System

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Fly Your Camera through Difficult Terrains
with Advanced Wireless Cablecam System

Designed for 3-Axis Gimbals, HD Video & Cinema Cameras
Intelligent Speed and Position Sensing for Perfectly Smooth Shots.
Quick & Easy Operation. Maximum Portability. Increased Durability & Protection.
Ready for Every Situation in Any Location!

We saw a need for a point-to-point cablecam system that is self-powered, easy to setup and operate. We knew there was nothing that existed for film makers on a budget. That’s the reason Proaim launches Sky-Walker Cablecam, professional video shooting equipment that gives filmmakers total control over motion and allows shooting in any situation. Proaim Cablecam System offers the possibility to fly your camera in open space by remote-controlled cable-drive system. The cablecam is used in areas where the camera needs to constantly repeat a forward/back or left/right tracking shot. It is compatible with DJI Ronin/M/MX & Mövi gimbal stabilizers.

Proaim Sky-Walker Cablecam is a product of engineers and filmmakers. All parts are made of CNC machined Aluminum with utmost precision and care. It works at maximum speed of 40 km/h (without payload) & 25km/h (with full payload(10kg))A maximum payload of 10kg/22lb gives the user enough capacity to work with DSLRs, HD Video & Cinema Cameras like RED Epic, ARRI Alexa mini etc. The highly sophisticated wireless remote control system guarantees a long 450m range and long battery-life experience. The clever design, cooperation of electronic parts, control over movements, utmost quality construction and high-strength cable provides Safe & Extra-smooth shots. Fly through difficult terrains or over viewers and crowds - almost everywhere - where a drone is not allowed or possible!

Camera Cablecam


- AUTONOMOUS CABLECAM System for 3-Axis Gimbals - Built For Action!
- STABILIZED ROPEWAY CAM to Capture Unique Angles at Challenging Locations
- ADVENTURE READY - Quick Setup, takes less than 15 minutes
- MOVES BACK & FORTH on Cable via Remote Controlled Electric Motor
- POWERFUL BUT SILENT – Performs Smoothly in Every Shooting Situation
- Maximum Speed:
      40km/h (without payload)
      25km/h (with full payload(10kg))
- HIGHEST GRADE QUALITY Construction for Lifelong Performance
- GLIDE OVER open bodies of Water, Large Open Spaces, Crowds at Live Events & Sporting Venues.

Programmable End Points

Proaim Cablecam allows you to set the target distance anywhere on the cable as per your shot requirement, once target distance is set, the cablecam will follow it perfectly. It will automatically stop at target-set end points; this allows you to control framing and movement all by yourself, and result in smooth endings. With this Safety & Damping feature of Proaim Cable Cam, you will never have to take your eyes off the monitor or count on a second operator for the perfect shot.

Automatic Loop

The Sky-Walker can ‘ping-pong’ back & forth continuously. It is capable to drive between user-set target distance at required speed. Intelligent Automatic Loop System lets you be creative without the stress of crashing or relying on a spotter. This mode is perfect for capturing great moments in seconds!

cablecam for shooting
Gimbal Not Included

Features To Keep Your Shoot Safe

A Range of Sections that makes it an Ideal Cablecam


The multi-pole designed 24V brushed DC motor have enough torque to drive the camera rig without the need for a gearbox. This enables the drive system to be almost completely silent - an important requirement for Cablecams. It is designed to give the highest level of performance achieved by using the utmost quality materials.
skywalker cablecam with rope and stand


The motor driver is one of the most versatile and easy to use drivers on the market. It can supply peak current of max 91A to the brushed DC motor. It is the first synchronous regenerative motor driver in its class and also allows very fast stops and reverses. The motor driver has overcurrent & thermal protection feature which means your driver will never get damaged with accidental stalls or by hooking-up a big motor.
100mtr rope cablecam


The high precision encoder motor works with gear which is mounted on End wheel to ensure accurate control on movements. It helps to determine speed, position, distance and acceleration so every movement is perfectly smooth.
Dyneema rope cablecam


Aluminum made U-Groove wheel with polyurethane coating ensures better gripping, enhances the drive with cable force and prevents slipping of cable. The PU coated wheel offers great resistance to any kind of wear & tear and improves operation reliability.
skywalker with flysky remote


The Rod support bar provides physical balance to setup and a fast interface for DJI Ronin Gimbal. Quick Release plate allows Gimbal operators to switch from cablecam to handheld stabilizer within seconds. From unpacking and rigging to shooting takes less than 15 minutes, this saves a lot of time and energy for your work.

Note: Sky-walker is compatible with Movi Gimbals but Movi quick release plate is not included.
cablecam skywalker


The on-board battery power provides seamless operations for a typical period of 20-25 minutes with payload up to 10kg/22lb. It takes up to 1.5 hours of charging time and can be detached without difficulty for a smoother workflow.
cablecam skywalker


The Dyneema rope/cable is 9mm thick, 100mtr long and has high upholding strength. Pick two points between 15 and 100 metre apart, attach dyneema rope, hang the Sky-walker and Ronin gimbal head, and you're ready to roll. Large trees, very strong scaffolding, light poles or other firmly fixed objects can be used to anchor the rope; provided the objects can withstand pulling tension at the rope connection point. A manual ‘come-along’ winch is used at one end to tension the rope. It comes with a rope stand.
24v flysky motor cablecam

Workable Zone

The Normal Operating Zone of approx. 84mtr is recommended, which is marked with points A & B. The Cablecam running at high speed takes around 5mtr of length for momentum to stop itself, which comes under Safety Zone. It is not recommended for your Cablecam running at high speed to move within 3mtr of Danger Zone. While selecting target distance lock points; it is suggested to consider speed & precautious zones.

Captivating Slow Motion is Possible!

To Create Beautiful Slow Motion Camera Movement Shots, we have the provision to attach an extra cable which is most favourable when driving your Cablecam at slow speed. It works in coordination with a small wheel/pulley on top and therefore, provides an added balance and dual safety to the whole Cablecam system.

NOTE: The extra cable is the steel cable.

skywalker cablecam

Gimbal Not Included


The radio control system controls movements of Cablecam. The highly sophisticated radio transmission system works on 2.4 GHz powerful radio frequency band and transmits very clear signal to the receiver Antenna. The 2.4 GHz RF signal propagates in straight lines and can also get around objects on its path. The remote control system guarantees a long range, jamming-free transmission and long battery-life experience.
dslr camea cablecam

Turn it On - Turn ON the Power switch. The position of all throttle switches A, B, C, D; must be at #1 (while turning on the remote every time). The LCD screen of remote will display Tx On & Rx On when connected, and an error will be displayed if Rx is out of range.

Left Stick – It is used to give Direction & Speed to cablecam. Move the stick left/right to give direction and move it up/down for speed. When you start operating Cablecam - gradually accelerate the speed, to avoid damage to the cable.

Right Stick – It is used to Set Target Distance & Automatic Loop Modes.

- Target Distance (Manual mode) – Set Start and Stop points anywhere on cable by point A (move stick downwards) & point B (move stick upwards). After entering the target distance, the remote locks on it and follows it perfectly. Give Direction & Speed with Left Stick, and operate it manually. Once you leave the stick at neutral position, it will stop right there.

- Automatic Loop Mode – Select target distance by point A & B. Shift the throttle switch labelled SwC at position #3. Set the Speed with Left Stick and forget it! It will move and capture shots automatically for you.

cablecam skywalker

CE Certified
- Input Voltage: 24V
- Power: 2.2KW
- Nominal Current: 91A (Max)
- Controller voltage: 12V
- Nominal Current: 85mA
- Tx/Rx Power: 100mw
Maximum Speed:
      40km/h (without payload)
      25km/h (with full payload(10kg))
- Minimum Speed: 0.83mtr/sec or 3km/hr in loop mode
- Controller Distance: 450mtr
- Target Distance: Yes
- Auto Loop: Yes
- Product size (L x W x H): 113cm x 20cm x 23.5cm
- Rope Inclination: Maximum 10%

Packaging Info
- Cablecam Weight: 7.30kg/16lb
- Complete Product Weight without Flight Case: 29.77Kg/65.63lb
- Complete Product Weight with Flight Case: 42kg/92lb
- Gross Weight: 60Kg/132lb
- Flight Case Dimensions (L x W x H): 132cm x 56cm x 40cm

12 Strand UHMWPE (Dyneema) Rope
- Dia: 9mm
- Circumference: 1 Inch
- Weight: 1.2Kg/2.6lb (100mtr)
- Minimum Breaking Strength: 5306.1kg/11698lb/52kn
- Lighter than steel coated cable
- Has a 0.08% stretch rate
- High abrasion resistance

Q: What's the fastest speed it can travel?
Ans: Maximum Speed:
      40km/h (without payload)
      25km/h (with full payload(10kg))

Q: What's the cable made up of?
Ans: The cable used in cablecam is High-Strength Dyneema Rope/Cable.

Q: If 100 lm is the cable in the box, what can be tested the longest cable for device?
Ans: The cablecam is tested with maximum 500m range.

Q: If 40km/s is the max speed for full payload, mean it that for lower kg camera speed can be higher?
Ans: The maximum tested speed of the cablecam is 40Km/h (without payload). It varies according to the weight you use with the cablecam.

Q: What kind of cable have you shown for safety?
Ans: We have used the PVC Coated wire rope as a safety rope.

  • What's the fastest speed it can travel?

    Maximum Speed: 40km/h (without payload) 25km/h (with full payload(10kg))

  • What's the cable made up of?

    The cable used in cablecam is High-Strength Dyneema Rope/Cable.

  • If 100 lm is the cable in the box, what can be tested the longest cable for device?

    The cablecam is tested with maximum 500m range.

  • If 40km/s is the max speed for full payload, mean it that for lower kg camera speed can be higher?

    The maximum tested speed of the cablecam is 40Km/h (without payload). It varies according to the weight you use with the cablecam.

  • What kind of cable have you shown for safety?

    We have used the PVC Coated wire rope as a safety rope.