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Proaim Vario Camera Support Stabilizer Rig

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Get 4 equipment in 1 Multifunctional and Compact Vario!

Now you Don't need to choose between your equipment when you travel!

The Proaim Vario is a new and unique design made to save time, space and money. We often have customers that complain how various filmmaking gear takes so much time, space and money - this encouraged us to start designing a product that solves this problem at a fraction of the cost that goes into all the equipment. Proaim Vario is a 4 in 1 equipment that goes from a hi-hat to a shoulder rig to monopod to a stabilizer within seconds.

camera shoulder rig
NOTE: Handle's Foam Design may vary according to the availability.

camera steadicam

Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements

5 Ways to Use Vario!

Instant Hi-Hat

You don't always need a hi-hat, but when you do, you need it! Hi-hats are great for low angle shots and this equipment comes is really handy when you need that shot!

instant hi-hat

Freedom to take Jib Shots

The magic of Vario lies in its Swivel Head. The swivel head allows you to easily take some really nice sweeping shots from bottom to top or vice versa.

Jib shot with shoulder rig

Comfortable Shoulder Rig

The Vario has a counterweight of 2.2lb on it to capture stable and smooth footages for long shooting hours. It has been designed to give you easy access to all the functions of the camera which is not usually possible in a traditional shoulder rig.

camera shoulder rig

Stable Monopod

It goes from being a shoulder rig to a monopod within a second. Just flip the locks open and you have yourself a monopod. Yes! Without having to take the camera off! Moreover, the traditional monopods are top heavy making it a bit more difficult to control, but with the counterweight on Vario, the monopod becomes bottom heavy giving it a stabilized feel.


Balanced Stabilizer

The weighted bottom balances perfectly and enables the rig to be used as a hand held camera stabilizer to capture smooth moving shots when needed.

camera stabilizer

Things that make Proaim Vario Unique!

All Aluminum Construction

Made from Aircraft Aluminum Proaim Vario is lightweight yet durable. We've literally thrown it hundreds of times and it just doesn't break!

all in one camera shoulder rig

Telescopic Structure

The telescopic structure is designed so that you can switch from one shooting mode to another with a simple flip of locks and without having to take the camera off from the baseplate.

telescopic camera steadicam

"L" Shaped Quick Release

The "L" shaped quick release is designed to be compatible with either DSLR cameras and professional cameras.

L-shaped quick release

Adjustable Handles

The ergonomics of the design puts true value into these rigs. The handle move around easily and swiftly allowing you to adjust them according to your comfort.

adjustable handles


Hexagonal Counter Weight

At end of the rig, comes hexagonal 2.2lbs counterweight that optimizes camera balance for achieving steadier shots in any mode!
You can remove the counterweight according to your requirement.


Hexagonal Counter Weight

Compact Bag Packing

Compact Tool In Your Bag Pack Creating Huge Wonders

stabilizer bag packing

- Product Weight (without packing) : 3 kg/6.6 lb
- Construction : Aluminum
- Payload Capacity : 15 kg/33 lb
- Camera Mounting Screw: 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16
- 360 degree Adjustable Handle
- Protective rubber bottom sole
- Max. Length : 5ft
- Min. Length : 2ft 1.5inch

- Proaim Vario Camera Support Stabilizer Rig (P-VR)
- Bag Packing


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